Mug Of Mugs - TikiLand Mug Society Edition - Deep Brown With Black Wipe


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Mug Design:

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TikiLand Trading Co.

From Tikiland Trading:

"Introducing the 'Mug of Mugs'. This tiki mug pays homage to some of our favorite classic tiki mugs, while PNG style masks lean on this bamboo tiki mug rack.

When brainstorming this tiki mug, Lost Tiki had an idea for some type of wooden tiki mug rack which featured tiki mugs, and PNG style masks. He drew out some rough sketches and then brainstormed with Tiki TOny and Tom 'Thor' Thordarson. Thor was able to capture the essence of the idea in his sketch (which is featured on the recipe card) and we all loved what he conceptualized. A true master of his craft, Thor absolutely nailed the sculpt of this mug, painstakingly sculpting each individual tiki mug that is featured on the racks. From the Bumatay to Tiki Bob, we hope you love this design as much as we do.

The 'Mug of Mugs' comes with a custom recipe 'Drink of Drinks' created by Kelly Merrell."

*This version was an exclusive for TikiLand Mug Society members and had an all-over brown glaze with a deep brown/black wipe, in a satin finish. Soon after, on 12/10/2021, a glossy brown glazed Limited Classic Edition of 400 was released.

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