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Tiki Mug Design

Portland Tiki Kon 2013 Mug Brown with Aqua

aka Tiki Kon Adventure Island Mug 2013 LTD Brown in 6 collections

This standing Tiki mug is based on a design by Sophista-Tiki (Dawn Frasier) and Colonel Tiki (Craig Hermann). It is shaped like the posts that support the historic Vancouver quay. It's a fitting tribute to the Quay Bar, which was built in 1955 and faces an uncertain future, and to the Red Lion at the Quay. It was produced by Munktiki (Paul Nielsen) for the 11th Anniversary Portland Tiki Kon in 2013. Sold in both aqua with brown accents and brown with aqua accents & orange interior, blind boxed, edition of 100 including both color variations. Special edition two-tone, half aqua and half brown, version (limited to 25) also sold.