Tiki tOny's Skipper's Bote Tiki Mug - Open Edition

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Tiki tOny
TikiLand Trading Co., THOR

From TikiLand Trading Co.:


The Skipper’s Bote was docked... more like crashed ashore by a highly skilled and trained Skipper... upon being parked or abandoned by said Skipper, a local tiki carver decided to add their carved touches to the bote. Upon closer inspection, there may even be marks from hippo attacks, rhinos, and even nibbles from a zebra! The gorillas just drove the bote a few laps on the endless Amazonian De Nile yet they put the most damage on it.

This mug is also available as part of the 'You're in De Nile' 2 mug set."

Designed by Tiki tOny and sculpted by THOR.

Served with a drink called "Not Just A River In Egypt". Drink card came with set.

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22 Nov 2022
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22 Nov 2022
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