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One visit before they closed 7-8 years ago, snagged a mug. Only had 2 drinks and they were OK. Nothing to write home about, but it was worth the effort, just wish we'd gone more before they were gone.

Tiki Bar

Howie's Tiki

Spring, Texas, United States (Closed)

Howie's Tiki opened in February 2016, and was located in Spring, Texas (north of Houston, south of Conroe). Owner Mark "Howie" Voros aimed for a classic Polynesian Pop feel, with appropriate music, lamps from Oceanic Arts, and art from Ken Ruzic. The cocktail menu was split between classic tropical drinks like the Test Pilot, Mai Tai, and Navy Grog, and modern tropical cocktails. Ordering off-menu cocktails was encouraged.

Closed November 3rd, 2018.

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