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Went there once, not really tiki, but some interesting takes on tiki drinks.

Tiki Bar

High & Dry Rum Bar

Houston, Texas, United States

Opened in February 2018.

This is a very modern bar without all the layers that one usually associates with traditional tiki bars. It has a sort of industrial look with lots of exposed brick and open space.

Then, again, they are not trying to be a "tiki" bar but a "rum" bar that happens to be tiki-friendly.

There are several nice carved tikis on display behind the back bar area and in a few other niches.

They are also true to their name with 200+ rums to select from.

In addition to rum, they have a selection of other spirits and offer a tight list of ten cocktails focusing exclusively on "upgraded" takes on classic rum cocktails like the Mai Tai and Hurricane.

The bar takes pride in using house-made orgeat and other tinctures and prepared ingredients.

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