The Bird King - Super Limited Edition - by Tiki Nava - for Lost Temple Traders #2

a.k.a. The Bird King SLTD

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Mug Design:

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Tiki Nava
Monkey Skull, Patrick Vassar

A mug shaped like a standing green-glazed figure wearing a blue, white, yellow, and red bird mask, and with a feather necklace.

From Lost Temple Traders:

"All hail the bird king! We’ve come across a lot of amazing things on our travels, but none more festive than the ceremony of a tribe who adorned themselves in masks and feathers to pay homage to a peculiar flock of singing birds.

The Bird King was designed by Very Good Tiki, sculpted by Patrick Vassar and hand crafted by Monkey Skull. Super Limited Edition of 20."

There is also a limited edition of 200 with brown-glazed figure.

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5 Feb 2022
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13 Feb 2022
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