The Golden Tiki Second Edition #10

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Doug Horne
Tiki Diablo

This mug is shaped like the mascot Golden Tiki from the bar's menu and logo. It is a full-body standing Tiki with large coffee bean shaped eyes and hands held in front. The arms have a gap between the body of the vessel and the mug. It was designed by Doug Horne and sculpted by Tiki Diablo. This version has a golden overall glaze base color with a wipe-away glaze that highlights the sculpt. This wipe glaze was available in either a darker brown or lighter green version. Numbered in black on unglazed rim of bottom. The legend of the Golden Tiki can be read in full at the bar's website here:!the-legend/c142g

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16 Oct 2020
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16 Oct 2020
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