Enchanted Orator 2 "The Charmer" #51

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This mug is shaped like a standing, Papua New Guinea style tiki with its tongue out. Wood grain pattern. "The Charmer," is the second design in the 2020 Enchanted Orator series. Jungle Modern Ceramics describes this mug: "Where 'The Giver' left us with hope, 'The Charmer' hits us with a strong dose of hypnotic venom, to help us make it through 2020."

This mug was originally released in Orange / White (20), Red / White (15), Blue / Yellow (15), Orange / Turquoise (5), Yellow / Turquoise (5), Super Carved Custom Glazed Edition (10) and Various Artist Proofs (10) for a total of 80 mugs in this edition.

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1 Aug 2020
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1 Aug 2020
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