False Idol

Visit: 2 Aug 2023

Thank god for jet lag!! My first night in San Diego on my Tiki Oasis 2023 tour and I’d had dinner at Mothership but given I was still on Australian time decided to come check out False Idol. This is my favourite San Diego tiki bar. The decor is amazing!! Had a couple of great cocktails and eventually found myself at the bar and met another Tiki Oasis newbie who I’d catch up at other events and lectures with. Even better I managed to pick up a purple Bosko fog cutter mug at the bar and then got it signed by the artist at the Tiki Oasis marketplace. The bar staff were really cool as well. Keep an eye out for the Jacoby’s coaster I brought all the way from Sydney.

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False Idol Bar – San Diego, California, United States

False Idol opened September 3rd, 2016 in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood. It is owned jointly by Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove and Consortium Holdings (owners of neighboring Craft & Commerce). The walls are covered with panels carved by legendary tiki artist Bosko. The ceiling is crusted with lit glass floats. Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to a month in advance.

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