Skull & Crown Trading Company

Visit: 30 May 2023

Visited on our trip to Waikiki. Had to Uber over from the hotel; not a great area to get dumped out on when you're dressed head-to-toe like a super dumb tourist, but it was honestly worth it for the best drinks of the trip, plus the fantastic decor (very "antiquities and curiosities," which is one of my favorite tiki bar variants). Bartenders were very friendly and met some other Tiki people that I'll hopefully bump into at Tiki-Kon. The Taboo was probably my favorite drink of the night, but the Dagger Mai Tai was a close runner-up. Such a great part of the vacation!

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Skull & Crown Trading Company Bar – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Skull & Crown Trading Company opened in downtown Honolulu's Chinatown in June of 2019. They occupy the spot formerly occupied by Grondin French-Latin Kitchen. Noa Laporga and Angelina Khan run Skull & Crown Trading Co., which is the latest in the duo’s history of mysterious, haunting and enchanting ventures. You might know them from Haunted Plantation, which takes over Hawai‘i Plantation Village every Halloween; they also ran the Unlocked escape room at Ward Warehouse in 2016 and Ala Moana’s Ghost Bar in October 2018, as well as a special effects company, Black Box FX. In keeping with this background, the bar has a bit of a "dark tiki" theme with a creepy mermaid over the bar and lots of skulls.

Their craft cocktail menu is chosen with care, regularly switched up with new items, and has received rave reviews.

There is also a back patio area.

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