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Went right after I dropped my stuff off at the Gaylord Hotel for my Nashville vacation during QuadA. I was really impressed with how long the fires remained lit in the drinks. Unfortunately their spring seasonal menu was too intriguing and I ordered four, plus the bartenders did shots with me. This did not end well later at the hotel. But at the time it was amazing. They had a drink with a garam masala or something similar that was one of the most interesting tiki drinks I've ever had. I got the little head mug and dropped it at the hotel atrium trying to take a selfie with a waterfall. It now sits in the Enchanted Tibby Room as a reminder of the dangers that these drinks hold.

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Tiki Bar

Chopper Tiki Bar

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Opened June 3rd, 2019.

Barista Parlor owner and founder Andy Mumma, Isle of Printing founder Bryce McCloud and longtime Husk Nashville bar manager Mike Wolf have taken over the former Bar Luca space, to create a neo-tiki bar with a "Jetsons" meets "Polynesian Pop" vibe.

The bar itself is trimmed out in bamboo, but the giant robot hovering over it and the sci-fi theming may scare away those looking for a more traditional tiki space.

Still, Chopper has a serious rum collection at hand and their cocktails look to be on-point.