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Still heartbroken that The Tiki Hideaway did not make it. Went here many times while they were open in 2017. Mike was a great host and had created a little slice of Paradise here in Charlotte NC. Near the end I helped a little with the website and I have it archived here:

Tiki Bar:

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The Tiki Hideaway Bar & Restaurant – Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

The Tiki Hideaway was opened by owner Mike Barrea in December 2014 in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte. The mid-century modern tinged space had a thatched overhang surrounding the bar, and a paneled relief back wall with stylized tapa designs and a Marquesan-esque face. Behind the bar was a towering Moai, housing the upper end of the bar's rum selection. The room was ringed with back-lit graphic tropical scenes. Orange vinyl seating contrasted nicely against the organic textures in the room. There was a small patio of outdoor seating.

The drink menu was a small, focused list of classic tropical cocktails, and there was a selection of higher-end sipping rums available. The food menu was in the form of small plate selections, and a few desserts.

After nearly a year in business, Tiki Hideaway closed in early November 2015.

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