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Tiki Bar

Esotico Miami

Miami, Florida, United States (Closed)

Opened August 15th, 2019.

Located in the Canvas Condos tower, Esotico's chic take on the retro Polynesian Pop theme featured bold tropical wallpaper offset by black-and-white checkerboard flooring and a contemporary exposed ceiling. Lush greenery tied together décor such as a Hawaiian surfboard, muted sconce lamps and track lighting. Potted plants surround the patio while a backlit bar featured a bamboo footrest and nearly 230 rums, including Daniele Dalla Pola's own label, Alamea.

On 11/18/22, they opened a speakeasy adjacent space, the Kaona Room, which was accessible through either Esotico's interior secret door or through an exterior secret door beneath next door's Caribbean Water Supply. The Kaona Room is a bit more traditional tiki with its decor, and is more than just overflow seating -- including an entirely separate bar. For more on the Kaona Room, please see separate listing.

*NOTE: Dalla Pola announced the closing of Esotico Miami, beginning March 3rd, 2024, with the assurance that the Kaona Room would remain open.