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So, I did that. Nice decor, and they do sell some Tiki mugs and souvenirs there.

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Tiki Bar

Trader Mort's Liquor & Deli

San Diego, California, United States

Trader Mort's is a liquor store, in operation since 1964 when it was opened by Lance "Mort" Morton. It serves as a sort of gateway to tiki-heavy Shelter Island, where you can also find Humphrey's Half Moon Inn and Bali Hai Restaurant. This is a small liquor store, and the selection isn't fantastic, but its vintage feel makes it charming nonetheless. An iconic tiki outside at the corner was carved by Eli Hedley. The upstairs wine area is easy to miss, but features a few more tiki artifacts. The store has had their own tiki mugs for sale off and on over the years.

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