Thirsty Creature mug - Second Edition - Purple by the Black Lagoon Room #197

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Pete Klockau
Tiki Diablo
Pete Klockau

This mug depicts the rising hand of The Creature emerging from a sea bed with small shells and starfish. The hand is holding a more traditional tiki mug. This is the second edition of the Thirsty Creature. The first edition was in a "Ghastly Green Grotto Glaze" and the plan was to do a second edition in a "Black & Blue Lagoon" glaze (intense blue and purple) but since that glaze was no longer commercially available, the finished 2nd edition is more of a "Freaky Fishscale" (purple & light cyan blue).

This mug was not released on the main website, but was sold through a separate pre-order email list after the first edition sold out.

Like the first edition, this was a limited release of 200, each was hand numbered and signed by Pete Klockau.

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3 Apr 2021
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3 Apr 2021
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