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    Atomica Exotica
    Munktiki, Faust

    This is a mug shaped like a cartoonish squatting witch doctor with large bug eyes, a bone through his nose, and a hat with skull and crossbones, holding a shrunken head.

    From Lost Temple Traders:

    "Kaduku the Witch Doctor mug is a collaboration between Lost Temple Traders and Atomica Exotica. The mug stands 8” tall and is limited to 250 mugs in each colorway and is produced by Munktiki Imports. "

    There is a bone glaze version and a green glaze version. This Faust Edition came after the initial color-ways and was hand-painted and limited to 12 pieces only.

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    Tickled Tiki, Dale Silva, Faust

    This is a mug shaped like a snarling ape head wearing a necklace of alternating yellow diamond and round red beads.

    From the Lost Temple Traders website:

    "On our most recent expedition, we were met with an ominous warning from the locals. 'Kunga Kong is coming!' Could it be? The beast of legend would finally make an appearance? Kunga Kong is a hand-made collaboration between Lost Temple Traders, Tickled Tiki, and sculptor Dale Silva. Limited to 150 pieces, it measures 6.5 inches tall and holds 21 oz. of your favorite beverage."

    This Faust edition was limited to 10 hand-painted pieces.

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    The Shrunken Monkey, Faust

    This mug is double-sided and each side shows a different version of the character Trader Sam from Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise (one from Disneyland and one from Disney World).

    There were 100 in the darker matte brown first edition and 50 in the second edition that followed.

    This version is hand-painted by Faust. He did five hand-painted versions in a small mini edition that was sent to him by Lost Temple Traders.

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    Jeremy Harger
    Tiki Maniacs

    This mug is a tikified re-imagining of the famous poster from the film, Forbidden Planet (1956) where Robby the Robot is carrying Anne Francis. In this case, the more tikified robot is carrying a hula girl.

    The mug was sculpted by Patrick Vassar of The Green Tiki and produced in the USA by Kathy Tope of Tickled Tiki.

    This Limited Edition of 12 was customized by Faust in acrylics. It was preceded by a First and Second Edition and a release of Artist Proofs.

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    Cheekytiki, Faust

    This is a lidded bowl shaped like a treasure chest with tentacles emerging from inside. Skull ornamented handles on sides of chest. The lid has four straw holes.

    Originally issued in brown by CheekyTiki (now "Little Grass Shack"), this Faust embellished piece brings the design to full-color with iron banding, brass rivets, and green tentacles coming out.

    This one-off embellishment was completed in February, 2022.

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    Jeff Granito
    THOR, Faust

    This bowl is a combination of tiki imagery and imagery from Disney's The Haunted Mansion (especially Madame Leota at top).

    From TikiLand Trading Company:

    "Spirits fill the tiki bar beckoning those from near and far. Form a circle round the bowl, And summon the otherworldly soul, whose haunting visage we hope to spy Inhabiting a float nearby

    Has a guest arrived that you didn’t invite, an otherworldly being that’s out at night? Someone’s sipping more than their share. When Calling on Spirits you best beware!

    This tiki mug bowl will be glazed black with blue/aqua accents emphasizing its otherworldly properties.

    Beverage of your choosing will fill the bowl, surrounding the center portion where the float will reside. The top of the float has a 'garnish bowl' which you can fill with whatever you choose.

    Designed by Jeff Granito Sculpted By Thor Support and production by the team at TikiLand Trading Co."

    This version has been embellished by Faust.