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    The Beachcomber was a Canadian chain of elaborate Polynesian restaurants in the same vein as other popular chains like Kon-Tiki, Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's. There were locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Regina and Winnipeg. The picks do not indicate any location.

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    The Beachcomber was a Canadian chain of elaborate Polynesian restaurants in the same vein as other popular chains like Kon-Tiki, Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's. Aside from this Edmonton location, there were also locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Victoria and Winnipeg.

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    This pick shows an image of a pineapple representing Continental Airlines flights to Hawaii. This version is smaller than the standard pick.

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    False Idol, Tiki Bar - Red / Gold in 9 collections

    This swizzle features a skull stack at the top, inspired by the Bosko carved panels that adorn the interior of the bar. The stem is segmented and textured like a stalk of bamboo.

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    Generic Mermaid - Red in 1 collection

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    Generic Back Scratcher - Red in 1 collection

    Backscratcher used as a swizzle in a "Tropical Itch".

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    Generic Swordfish - Red in 2 collections

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    Hale Pele, Tiki Bar - Red / Black in 7 collections

    Swizzle/pick has a volcano with lava flowing to form the stem.

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    Hale Pele, Tiki Bar - Red in 9 collections

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    Hale Pele, Tiki Bar - Red in 7 collections

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    This tiki swizzle was issued in several colors. Hawaiian Isle was in the Sunny Isles area of North Miami Beach, very near another complex, The Castaways . It had a weathered shingle-clad pyramid over the main entrance, a sort of sharp, angular, modern take on a primitive hut. The tikis on site were highly stylized (in particular a large, back-lit, glowing mask near the entrance), and many were Witco tikis. Today the location is a high-rise condominium complex called Pinnacle.

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    House Without a Key, Hotel - Red in 2 collections

    The House Without a Key is a novel that was written in 1925 by Earl Derr Biggers -- the first of the Charlie Chan mysteries. But it is also a real life place in Waikiki. The Halekulani hotel and its House Without A Key restaurant/bar began its life in 1907 as the Hau Tree Residential Hotel, a relatively modest establishment with a beachfront house and five bungalows. By the 1980s, the Halekulani hotel had grown, but the skyrocketing costs of Waikiki beachfront property made such a small resort impractical so it was sold to Japan’s Mitsui Corporation, which then created the “new” Halekulani around the old grounds and original building, with 453 elegant new rooms, updating it into a modern resort.

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    Kona Kai had locations in Philadelphia, Kansas City and Chicago. They produced many colors of picks using this Maori tiki. Many have a gold imprint of their logo on the stem as shown here. Others have a molded imprint of their logo type on the stem.

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    Luau, The, Tiki Bar - Red in 4 collections

    The Luau was Steve Crane's original restaurant; after which he went on to open the popular Kon-Tiki chain of Polynesian restaurants. This pick features a tiki standing on a post that holds a wooden sign that says "Luau".

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    Tiki Ark - Red / Gold in 1 collection

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    This spoon from Tiki Tiki shows palm trees on an island of sand. The bowl of the spoon is oval shaped.

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    Trader Frank's, Restaurant - Red in 3 collections

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    This is a swizzle with spoon at bottom. The top features a rendition of a male Tahitian Drummer featured in one of the Edgar Leeteg black velvet paintings hanging in the Polynesian Room. It is marked for the Waldorf in Vancouver, B.C., whose location houses both the Tahitian Lounge on the ground level and the larger Polynesian Room in the basement.

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    Bacardi Rum, Liquor Brand - Red in 3 collections

    1950s swizzle from Cuba includes the trademark Bacardi bat and a bottle of rum.

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    This version of the South Pacific paddle has artwork on the back side that portrays a tiki with torches and the word Tiki in a shape that looks like 4 shields. This artwork is very similar to the sign outside the Kon Tiki in Tucson, AZ.

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    This pick shows an image of a outrigger representing Continental Airlines flights to the South Pacific. This version is smaller than the standard pick.

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    Mai Tai and Kahuna Lounge - Red in 1 collection

    Located in Indianapolis, originally Knobby's, the restaurant moved to a Polynesian theme and became Knobby's Mai Tai, then the Mai Tai. An early ad references the dining area as the Kahuna Room. Kahuna Lounge appears to reference the bar area. The picks are very similar in style to the Kahiki in Columbus Ohio.

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    Short pick from Tiki TNT in DC.

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    Paradise Cove, Luau Event - Red in 1 collection

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    This spoon from Tiki Tiki shows palm trees with foliage and flowers. The bowl of the spoon is round.

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    Port O' Three, Restaurant - Red in 3 collections

    Marvin Chin, owner of the Chin Tiki, also owned the Port O' Three Tiki restaurant in nearby Bloomfield Hills, MI. Its menu, swizzles, and signage used many of the same graphics as the Chin Tiki. The Port O' Three name came from his "three types of food" concept for the restaurant which he advertised for on his matchbooks: "A unique combination of sea food, Polynesian, and Japanese cuisine under one roof....". It opened in 1971 but only lasted a couple of years.

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    HY TIki - Red in 1 collection

    The swizzle is shaped like a paddle. No information found for HY Tiki, but the name and information is very similar inform to KY Tiki, which begs the question - was this swizzle a mistake?

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    Tiki-Ti, Tiki Bar - Red / White in 1 collection

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    CHOPPER, Tiki Bar - Red/White in 1 collection

    The premise for this robot themed tiki bar is the discovery of a polynesian island (Island X) with an unknown culture based on ancient robot technology. The research vessel CHOPPER was sent to study the culture and artifacts were brought back to CHOPPER Research Lab in Nashville. The swizzle features a robot head.

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    Hawaiian Inn, Hotel/Motel - Red in 1 collection

    This swizzle shows the iconic image of a tiki licking a knife associated with the Hawaiian Inn.