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    Braniff Airways, Inc., operated as Braniff International Airways from 1948 until 1965, and then Braniff International from 1965 until air operations ceased. It was an airline in the United States that once flew air carrier operations from 1928 until 1982 and continues today as a retailer, hotelier, travel service and branding and licensing company, administering the former airline's employee pass program and other airline administrative duties. Braniff's routes were primarily in the midwestern and southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. In the late 1970s it expanded to Asia and Europe. The airline ceased air carrier operations in May 1982 because of high fuel prices, credit card interest rates and extreme competition from the large trunk carriers and the new airline startups created by the Airline Deregulation Act of December 1978. Two later airlines used the Braniff name: the Hyatt Hotels-backed Braniff, Inc. in 1983–89, and Braniff International Airlines, Inc. in 1991–92.

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    Generic Flamingo - Orange in 1 collection

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    Generic, Royer, Supplier - Orange in 3 collections

    Transparent 10" Green Pineapple swizzle with loop bottom. One of a pack of assorted colors.

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    This tiki swizzle was issued in several colors. Hawaiian Isle was in the Sunny Isles area of North Miami Beach, very near another complex, The Castaways. It had a weathered shingle-clad pyramid over the main entrance, a sort of sharp, angular, modern take on a primitive hut. The tikis on site were highly stylized (in particular a large, back-lit, glowing mask near the entrance), and many were Witco tikis. Today the location is a high-rise condominium complex called Pinnacle.

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    Laka Lono, Tiki Bar - Orange in 7 collections

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    Forbidden Island, Tiki Bar - Orange in 11 collections

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    This is a swizzle stick with a cartoonish tiki in a hula skirt and wearing a beachcomber's hat (resembles the Tiki Babies from Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room).

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    Swizzle features a "K" created using a tiki and foliage.

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    Generic Swordfish - Orange in 1 collection

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    Air New Zealand, Airline - Orange in 2 collections

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    Vintage swizzle from Shangri-La Chicago which is now closed. This swizzle was produced in multiple colors.

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    Generic Maori Tiki - Red Orange in 1 collection

    This pick was used as a base for many tiki bars. It was produced in many colors and can be found with both foil and molded imprints. Kona Kai in San Diego is the most commonly seen version of this pick.

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    House of Swizzle is the Internet Identity of Pam Ashlund, avid swizzle collector and editor of Swizzle Quarterly the news letter of the International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association (ISSCA). This etched acrylic swizzle features a cocktail glass with a swizzle.

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    Earlier version swizzle is a one-sided design. Imagery is nondescript tiki.

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    The Castaways Resort was located in Florida from 1958 - 1981. The resort was home to the Wreck Bar and the Tahitian Bar. Over the course of their existence the created a prolific amount of swizzles for the resort and individual bars as well as combinations.

    This version features a couple standing under a palm tree. The style of swizzle was also used by other establishments.

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    This is a hula girl shaped swizzle with a very elongated grass skirt. Designed by Ken Holewczynski and produced in the USA by Royer Corporation, they come in Pearlescent Ocean Blue and Pearlescent Sunset Orange. They measure 8" long and are marked at bottom "House of Tabu". Sold in packs of 6, 12, or 18.

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    Swizzle stick from Hugman's Oasis, downstairs tiki bar at House of Má, San Antonio, TX. The swizzle features 3 skulls impaled on a spear.

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    Grumpy's Big Kahuna Bash, Tiki Event - Orange a.k.a. SHAG Does Grumpy's Swizzle Stick - in 3 collections

    Designed by SHAG for the 2022 Big Kahuna Bash at Grumpy's Bar in Roseville, MN. The event was also the final day for that Grumpy's location before it closed forever, but what a high note to go out on.

    2 Tiki head designs on the front with the newer 'Grumpy's' script. Back has 'Big Kahuna Bash', 'Minneapolis' & SHAG's monogram.

    Interesting side note, the Tiki design on the handle is the same as the one he had on the 'Hui Naha' mug exclusively designed for the 2021 Big Kahuna Bash.

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    Top is a tiki face with "Bootlegger Tiki" representing the mouth/teeth. The bottom the tiki torch which is displayed outside the bar.

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    Shag Store, MCM Art Store - Orange a.k.a. Swizzle Puss - in 1 collection

    This Shag store swizzle features an MCM atomic style cat on one end and a stylized skull on the other.

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    The location for this swizzle is unverified. There were several tiki bars named Hawaiian Village. I've found posts suggesting that it was from the New Westminster, BC, Canada or the Myrtle Beach location. This swizzle bears the image of a tiki mug that was featured on the menu from the Hawaiian Village - Howard Johnson's Cincinnati, OH location. That is the closest match I've found.

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    This is a swizzle for Swizzle - a tiki bar located in Dallas, Texas. The top of the swizzle has a totem style featuring a pineapple, shrunken head and a skull. The step is designed like a rope and the bottom features a jade tile.

    Made by Royer.

    The first issue of this design was green, followed by orange and gold and red.