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    This swizzle is marked for the Jungle Bird Tiki Bar and Restaurant in Sacramento, CA. It is the first color iteration of this design and features a parrot and bamboo.

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    Mauna Loa, Tiki Lounge - Cream in 3 collections

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    This version of the South Pacific paddle has logo artwork on the front side and no art on the back side.

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    Zombie Village - Cream / Brown in 14 collections

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    This version of the swizzle does not have any information pertaining to a specific Kon Tiki location.

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    This version produced by Royer is slightly darker and the corners are less rounded.

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    This version of the South Pacific paddle has artwork on the back side that portrays a tiki with torches and the word Tiki in a shape that looks like 4 shields. This artwork is very similar to the sign outside the Kon Tiki in Tucson, AZ.

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    This tiki swizzle was issued in several colors. Hawaiian Isle was in the Sunny Isles area of North Miami Beach, very near another complex, The Castaways. It had a weathered shingle-clad pyramid over the main entrance, a sort of sharp, angular, modern take on a primitive hut. The tikis on site were highly stylized (in particular a large, back-lit, glowing mask near the entrance), and many were Witco tikis. Today the location is a high-rise condominium complex called Pinnacle.

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    The Tropics was located in the Hotel Chicagoan in Chicago. The Chicagoan opened in 1937. Based on found internet information, The Tropics was open at least into 1946. This swizzle features a turtle and a hare.

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    Mauna Loa, Tiki Bar - Cream in 1 collection

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    Vintage swizzle from Shangri-La Chicago which is now closed. This swizzle was produced in multiple colors.