Swizzle Sticks

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    This swizzle features a skull stack at the top, inspired by the Bosko carved panels that adorn the interior of the bar. The stem is segmented and textured like a stalk of bamboo.

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    Generic Ku Tiki - Black in 3 collections

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    Generic Skull - Black in 1 collection

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    Generic Spear - Black in 2 collections

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    Tiki-Ti, Tiki Bar - Black / Gold in 10 collections

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    There were 3 Tiki Tiki locations in Canada - Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon. This spoon shows palm trees with a volcano behind. It has a more dimensional sculpt that other versions. The bowl of the spoon is oval shaped.

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    Huki-Lau - Black in 1 collection

    This moai topped swizzle style was used by many businesses. This one is black and branded Huki-Lau.

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    1950s swizzle from Cuba includes the trademark Bacardi bat and a bottle of rum.

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    Generic Cannibal Tiki - Black in 2 collections

    Swizzle depicts "The Eater" cannibal from the Tahitian Cannibal Tiki trio. Image is the same on both sides of the sizzle.

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    Swizzle designed and released for their 10th Anniversary.

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    Mauna Loa, Tiki Bar - Black in 0 collections

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    Generic Tiki - Black in 0 collections

    Tiki head shape suggests it could be a barrel or mug.

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    Mai Tai and Kahuna Lounge - Black in 0 collections

    Located in Indianapolis, originally Knobby's, the restaurant moved to a Polynesian theme and became Knobby's Mai Tai, then the Mai Tai. An early ad references the dining area as the Kahuna Room. Kahuna Lounge appears to reference the bar area. The picks are very similar in style to the Kahiki in Columbus Ohio.

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    KMC Outdoor Recreation Center, Resort a.k.a. Kilauea Military Camp - in 0 collections

    Kilauea Military Camp on Hawaii Island is a Morale, Welfare and Recreation facility serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. The swizzle features an image of a tiki and torches among flowering plants.