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    The LoveDart Lounge Yucaipa, California, United States

    Just a little place to relax among the relics.

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    Drunken Parrot Tiki Lounge Spring Grove, Illinois, United States

    Private home tiki bar in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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    The Hut Yucaipa, California, United States

    The Hut is the home tiki bar of Erich Troudt. The construction for the Hut was started in 2012, and the inside was completed in 2016. The Hut is in a freestanding 16' x 20' building in the backyard of Troudt's home. It is filled with lauhala matting, tapa, bamboo, and custom wood trim around the walls and doors, carved by Troudt himself. The hut houses a collection of over 300 mostly vintage mugs, 200+ Coco Joe's, Witco pieces, matchbooks, tourist tiki pieces and historical nautical pieces.

    It has a Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room corner, bamboo furniture, barrels, fishnets, glass floats and many tikis, including a 7-foot-tall Maori piece from Jungle and Sea Imports, and an 8-foot-tall Papua New Guinea statue. Many of the tikis, shelf supports and other pieces were carved by Troudt's father. All the modern amenities such as wifi, television, audio/visual equipment, and a refrigerator are present but hidden.

    The outside is currently under construction. Next to the hut is a lean-to with a "trading post" feel, featuring a cannon, lava rock, a large moai, ship lamps, nautical pieces and barrels. There will soon be a dock, a crashed boat, and more lava rock.

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    Kākau Canteen Columbus, Ohio, United States

    The Kākau Canteen is a heavily-themed home tiki bar located in the Columbus, OH area. It draws inspiration from Trader Sam's, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, and Adventureland at large.

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    The Forbidden Hole Omaha, Nebraska, United States

    The Forbidden Hole is the home tiki bar of Cool Breeze located in Omaha Nebraska. It can be found on Instagram using #theforbiddenhole or @the_forbidden_hole

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    The Liki Tiki Lounge Lake In The Hills, Illinois, United States

    The Liki Tiki Poker Lounge is a long labor of love for tiki drinks, tiki decor and of course, poker. Mid-century modern furniture provides a comfortable movie viewing area in front of the bamboo-faced & bamboo ceilinged bar, with a genuine talapa awning handcrafted from Oceanic Arts. Lots of tiki carvings and mugs constantly being added and evolving the area.

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    Lalotai: Den of Monsters Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    Lalotai; Den of Monsters, is the home bar of Jonathan and Allison Chaffin, part of Horror In Clay World Headquarters. Home of Hundreds of tiki mugs with a heavy pop art and horror theme. Constantly evolving and changing, birthplace of Mugcrate and Inuhele; Atlanta's Tiki Weekend and the Atlanta Tiki Homebar Tour.

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    Tabu Tiki Room Munster, Indiana, United States

    AKA: "The Tabu Tiki Lounge"

    This is the home tiki bar of David "Duke" Carter and Amy Carter of Munster Indiana.

    The Carters take the concept of a home tiki bar to another extreme. The entire lower level of their California modern-style home in Munster, Indiana, is a South Seas fantasy: thatched walls, bamboo wainscoting, bamboo furniture, hula girl lamps, framed Polynesian prints, tikis large and small, and a massive vintage mug collection, much of which is featured in their book, Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past (published in 2003 under David's tiki-collector pseudonym, Duke Carter). They call the basement the Tabu Tiki Room, the result of a long-shared obsession with tiki culture, especially its visually rich architecture and graphic design.

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    Back Side of Water Bar Virginia, United States

    Hidden deep in the jungle, somewhere near the legendary Schweitzer Falls, this small oasis provides a respite for explorers venturing far enough to discover its secrets to trade exotic liquors and forbidden potions in exchange for a few tales of adventure.

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    Tatooiniki Maplewood, New Jersey, United States

    Not that long ago, in a neighborhood not that far away… Tatooiniki started with an impulsive purchase of a large, beach-themed, inlaid-wood bar top—salvaged from a South Jersey mansion—in 2014, shortly after we moved to the Jersey ‘burbs from Brooklyn with our family.

    We had nowhere to install it at that point, so it sat in a corner of our garage draped in some moving blankets. A couple of years later, once we had done some work to make our formerly-leaky basement watertight, we began the process of designing a bar around our bar top. Peter began building in earnest in 2018. The bar made its debut Labor Day weekend 2018 and has hosted monthly parties ever since, even as its decor and furnishings are constantly evolving.

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    Lush Gardens Norwich, Connecticut, United States

    An Eclectic collection of many years of rescued vintage treasures. Motto, "It's always warm at Lush Gardens"

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    The Fuzzy Smudge Olalla, Washington, United States

    The Fuzzy Smudge is the home tiki bar of Mark & Debbie Whitehead, created in April 2014 in their home in Olalla, Washington, just across Puget Sound from Seattle and Tacoma.

    Regarding the bar's name: "When we bought the house, there was a grease and hair smudge on the floor in the Fortress of Solitude (the shop). There was a lot of discussion among us and our various friends about what it was. Some thought is was a rat, some a cat, some (including me) a squirrel, and one smart-ass said it was a wombat! I finally pointed out that it was my shop and my fuzzy smudge, therefore it was a squirrel. Sometime later, when we were trying to come up with a name for the bar, we both hit on the Fuzzy Smudge at the same time. So, the place is named after a dead squirrel."

    The room's colorful look was inspired by bright aloha shirts. The decor is a mix of tiki, pirate, nautical and Navy elements. The room opens onto a patio, with a built-in music system providing music inside and out. Some of the lamps were made by Mark while recovering from heart surgery. There is a real shark (dead) hanging above the Shag-inspired doors.

    The bar is a full-service bar, with over 180 drinks on the menu, including plenty of options for those who don't want a tiki drink.

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    Big Daddy’s Bear Cave AKA “Bear Foot Tiki Cave” Lakeland, Florida, United States

    In a galaxy far far away called Florida I search for Tiki, good grub, Disney Adventures, geek fun and a shot of Rum/Whiskey 😎👍🗿🌴🍹

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    Sunset Fogcutter San Francisco, California, United States

    Our small 8' x 12' bar in SF's foggy Sunset district.

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    The TomAndrea Lounge Annandale, Virginia, United States

    Located in the heart of the urban jungle near our nations' capital....lies the TomAndrea Lounge.

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    E KOMO MAI Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States

    I grew up loving the HuKe Lau in Chicopee MA. That was my not so Tiki introduction to Tiki. My house has a 3’seasons porch that we used for storage and I wanted to make it more is a living space. So with my wife’s permission I turned it into a Tiki Bar. During the pandemic it became an escape for my friends and I since it was the only bar experience we could have . It’s always a work in progress.

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    Leroys Luau Lounge New Lambton Heights, New South Wales, Australia

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    The Rumpus Room La Crescenta-Montrose, California, United States

    This is the home bar of tiki carver and artist, Kirby Fleming.

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    The Headhunter San Diego, California, United States

    The Headhunter in San Diego is owned by Jonny & Ilze Guilmet.

    The 18' tall A-Frame was already built when Jonny had Bosko come over and help design and build the fascia panels along the roofline and the crocodile head at the peak that really put it over the top. The orange underpanels under the roofline are hand-silkscreened from an old Bali Hai New Orleans menu cover graphic.

    Jonny has festooned the interior and surrounds with 25+ years of collectibles, including an impressive collection of Bali Hai headhunter mugs along the back wall.

    This bar has its own instagram account and was featured on a youtube episode of Jim Stacy's The Tiki Show.

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    The Desert Oasis Room Corona, California, United States

    This is the home bar of Adrian Eustaquio (Polynesian Pop) located in Corona, California.

    It is also the home of his podcast, named after the bar, Inside The Desert Oasis Room.

    Adrian is a long time Tiki enthusiast, active member in the Tiki community and avid supporter of the current Tiki revival, considered as one of the major influencers of the Tiki scene.

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    The Gillman's Grotto Los Angeles, California, United States

    This is the home bar of Sean Elliott and Will Brattain.

    It is a monster-themed bar with emphasis on the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Universal Monsters, but with several other collections curated throughout, including a vast array of Godzilla related collectibles, Rocketeer, and vintage monster boardgames, posters, action figures, and other collectibles.

    The exterior portion houses an outdoor lanai area and thatched hut with bar. Also, a life-sized Doctor Who Tardis and Weeping Angel statues (Don't Blink!).

    The interior ground level houses much more of their collections, even extending into the bathroom.

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    Thunder Cove La Habra, California, United States

    Thunder Cove is my home tiki bar and home office

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    Maka-Maka Tiki Room Damme, Belgium

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    The Screaming Monkey Bar The Colony, Texas, United States

    My build has been slowed due to covid and other related projects....Its a work in progress folks.

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    Silverlake Tiki Island Los Angeles, California, United States

    This is the home tiki bar and residence of Sven Kirsten (Author of The Book of Tiki and other works), overlooking the Silverlake reservoir in the center of Los Angeles.

    Rather than a single room, Sven's entire house is a dedicated museum to Tiki. From the Leroy Schmaltz Moai carving in his front yard, to the dozens of swag lamps on his front porch, Witco furnishings, Spanish Tiki Mug collection, and original artworks spread throughout his home -- Sven has truly created a tropical oasis in the heart of Los Angeles.

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    The Booze Cave Los Angeles, California, United States

    This is the home tiki bar of Jordan Reichek, an animator who worked on Ren & Stimpy starting with the pilot, and has continued to make a career in animation.

    This bar is actually version 2.0, since the first Booze Cave was a temporary set-up in his rental home.

    Pictures below are from 2017, leading up to his auction at La Luz de Jesus Gallery where he sold off a huge portion of his collection -- many of the pieces being purchased to outfit the new Max's South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids Michigan.

    The centerpiece of the bar is a 19-foot-long wave-shaped bar-top with over 1,200 vintage matchbooks from Polynesian restaurants embedded in sand and epoxy resin. Also of note are the many swag lamps, including one that makes use of a sea turtle shell and has a resin fish inlaid into the shell.

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    The Drama Llama Lounge New Hampshire, United States

    The name was inspired by a painting done by Clee for me which was based on a Llama Witco magazine rack!

    The Drama Llama Lounge came about when I saw the good 'base' for a home bar and just had to purchase it. I then had customer pieces carved for it from Bosko and Mischief Motu, re-upholstered it, carpeted the edges and base with the world famous PDX carpet, and did custom decal work on the bar top. Mixed together with decor, it fits perfectly into my cozy little studio apartment.

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    Vitu Waitui San Diego, California, United States

    Vitu Waitui is a shipwreck of both nautical and tiki stuff washed up on to the hills of eastern San Diego. Vitu Waitui is ever evolving and seems to have a life of its own. This is the caretaker's second attempt at a home tiki bar. The first iteration was the Sharkbait Bar. Between rounds of cocktails in this nearly five hundred square foot lounge, visitors often enjoy billiards, video poker or classic arcade games.

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    Aloha Lounge Fox River Grove, Illinois, United States

    Aloha Lounge is the home tiki bar of Tiki Carl and his wife Debbie, in Fox River Grove, northwest of Chicago. The lounge was created in 2005 in their basement. They were inspired by several local places: Hala Kahiki, The Bamboo Room, and the Paradise Club, where the couple had their first date. They were also inspired by their trips to the Hawaiian islands. The lounge houses their collection of tiki artifacts from their travels, and is used for entertaining friends and for their own tiki evenings.

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    Cannibal Lounge Orlando, Florida, United States

    This is the home bar of Rob Ripley, in Orlando, Florida.

    Logo lettering by Ivan Castro.

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    Doug's Basement Ohio, United States

    My Tiki Bar is an elaborate annual pop-up re-skinning of my basement bar. Each year, I add new features and details to the build. I cover major surfaces with real bamboo panels, bring out my mugs, etc. for Tiki decor, and set up huge amounts of real and (mostly) silk tropical flowers and foliage. I install a rock fountain, working volcano, and my two talking robot parrots. I finish the effect with Phillips Hue lighting to bring it all together, as well as to facilitate special effect scenes coordinating with wind machines, the parrots, or the volcano.

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    Hale Manu Nashville, Tennessee, United States

    Hale Manu is the home tiki bar of Mo and Justin Bird. They created the bar in their Nashville, Tennessee home in April 2012. The room had a major upgrade in 2016 when they covered the walls and ceiling around the bar with bamboo, reed and lauhala matting. In addition to the actual bar, the room houses their tiki mug collection and a seating area. The bar itself began as an ordinary bar that the couple stripped down, clad in bamboo, and added carved tiki corners by Lake Tiki. Lake Tiki also made a Hale Manu sign for the room's entrance. The couple found a Witco bar with matching stools and wall hanging on Craigslist, which now serve as a buffet. Craigslist also yielded three Witco knockoff tiki head stools which are used at the bar.

    Things are always changing, however...most recently they acquired a giant Papua New Guinea mask and some of the mug shelving had to come down to accommodate it -- but totally worth it!

    The Birds love to make drinks for themselves and their friends (favorites are Navy Grog and Jet Pilot), play records, and have an impromptu dance party now and again.

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    The White Whale Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

    Backyard Tiki bar....built a shed with no "plans", for the sole purpose of being my home tiki bar to escape to.... Trying to turn my backyard into a paradise one project at a time.

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    Tikibuktu Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

    This is a home bar build by Billy Crud (Crud-Tiki), entitled “Tikibuktu” for a government contractor friend.

    It has African and Adventureland overtones with PNG, Maori, and Hawaiian carvings.

    Completed 09/02/2021.

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    Brucemore Mansion - Tahitian Room Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

    This is probably the earliest fully realized home tiki bar still in existence. Amazingly, it is still in pristine original condition and open to the public.

    Nestled in the basement of this 1886 Queen Anne mansion is a delightful surprise. Upon moving into the home in 1937, Howard Hall sought to create a space to entertain friends and business partners. At a time when life in America was becoming less formal and basements were utilized as living spaces, Howard created the Tahitian Room. Decorated with a bright South Seas theme, the room features a map of Tahiti’s location on the floor and dioramas. With the flip of a switch, the sound of a Tahitian rainstorm is simulated through water dripping on the tin roof ceiling (just like Don the Beachcomber had at his venue when Howard had visited it in Hollywood).

    Howard’s fun-loving personality can be seen throughout the room, as can his business sense. The room was used not just to entertain, but to make a lasting impression on his business associates who came to visit his Cedar Rapids home.

    The Tahitian Room continues to make an impression on Brucemore visitors today and is open to public tours.

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    Kanaloa Lounge Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Kanaloa Lounge is the home tiki bar of Aubrey "Slacks Ferret" Hallis. Hallis created the Kanaloa Lounge in 2009. It features a small waterfall, an aquarium, a tikified television, a lava rock bar shelf, and a glowing moon mural.

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    Kapu Tiki Room Escondido, California, United States

    This is the home bar of Bosko Hrnjak, begun in 1990 in Escondido, California. It is an A-frame design and in the interior is housed one of the tall interior support tikis from the now long-closed Kapu-Kai (Rancho Cucamonga). This was Bosko's very first tiki bar buildout. He was also married here with Beachbum Berry officiating the ceremony.

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    Kurtiki Lounge Huntington Beach, California, United States

    This is the home bar of Kurt Steinmetz of Huntington Beach, CA.

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    The Lapu Lapu Lounge Trail Creek, Indiana, United States

    On the distant shores of Trail Creek in the wild lands of Indiana, lies an oasis for travelers and locals alike to commiserate and discuss their adventures and travels afar. Paying homage to the host’s Filipino heritage and the Filipino influence in tiki history, the Lapu Lapu Lounge greets all weary visitors with a warm welcome and cold cocktails.

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    The Sandy Bottom Portland, Oregon, United States

    The Sandy Bottom Lounge is the home tiki bar of Justin DuPre and Greg Clapp who have produced the Tiki Kon in Oregon since 2013.

    This basement bar is in northeast Portland, near both Munktiki and another home bar, The Lowbrow Lanai. It was created in 2007, when the couple moved into a house that already had a bar featuring wood salvaged from a Coast Guard ship called the Vance that had been decommissioned in the early 1970s. The room is a blend of nautical and tiki, with much of the decor coming from thrift shops. There is a "hut" area with Chromecraft seating, a kegerator that looks like it might have come from a ship's galley, and a mix of whiskey barrel and bamboo furniture.

    The Sandy Bottom’s centerpiece is a fantastical chandelier (reminiscent of the Enchanted Tiki Room) crafted from an upended papasan chair, a grass skirt, and a pendant swag lamp nested with fake tropical birds and flowers—all glowing with a colored LED light system Justin DuPre “Frankensteined” together himself.

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    The Straw Hut Hercules, California, United States

    The Straw Hut is the home tiki bar of Bill Straw in Hercules, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It was created in January 2012. The bar is on the first floor of Straw's house, but has more of a "basement bar" feel. The room has several distinct areas to congregate: the bar, couch seating, a restaurant booth, the "Wall of Fame," near the turntables, and on the patio.

    The space is intended to feel like a 1960s time-capsule tiki bar, with authentic vintage artifacts collected from historic tiki bars around the world. Some of the incredible and rare artifacts include part of the original bar from the original Trader Vic's in Oakland, a glass fishing float from the Trader Vic's in Osaka, a 6-foot-tall Marquesan tiki from the Trader Vic's in Berlin, a Papua New Guinea gope board, glass fishing float and jade tile sconce light from the Trader Vic's in St. Louis, a gong and a photograph of Vic Bergeron from the Trader Vic's in Seattle, a glass fishing float and a table from The Lanai in San Mateo, a shark's jaw and pufferfish lights from Kahiki Supper Club in Columbus, a shell lamp from Chin Tiki in Detroit, wooden spears from the Luau Room in Louisville, a piece of square bamboo from The Islander in Stockton, and the Chow n' Grog sign from Tiki Bob's in San Francisco.

    The room is voice controlled by Google Home; a simple "Hey Google, turn on the Tiki room" turns on 15 lights and an appropriate soundtrack.

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    Tiki Palace Los Angeles, California, United States

    Tiki Palace is the home tiki bar of the Palazzo family: Alex, Melissa and Nick. It is in the covered back patio of their home in Granada Hills, California. They converted the 21'x12' space into a tiki bar in June 2016. The name is a nod to their last name; Palazzo means "palace" in Italian.

    The bar is surrounded on two sides by the house, and on a third side they have built a movable sliding wall that is closed when the bar is in use. The movable wall is covered with paintings drawn by the family's daughter and inspired by The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. The hand-built bar, ceiling, and part of two walls are all covered in thatch, the other walls are covered with abaca cloth and reed. The bar seats seven comfortably, and a lounge area seats an additional four. A half wall with a counter looking out to the yard can handle four more standing patrons. There are several tikis, tiki masks, and a puffer fish. The exterior walls are covered in bamboo with some bamboo trim running along the ceiling that separates the the patio from the yard. At night the bar is lit with warm yellow lighting.

    Several times a week, the family sits in the lounge area to talk, listen to tiki music, and occasionally have a Mai Tai or two. About every 4 to 6 weeks they throw a party with tiki cocktails, beer, and wine. For larger parties the lounge area becomes the food area for a buffet, and the lounge seating and picnic tables are moved into the backyard, which is lit with string lights.

    The bar is a work in progress and will probably never be finishedthey are always on the lookout for more Polynesian decor, with plans to add another decorative light and mask from Oceanic Arts. There are also plans to extend the capacity by adding pavers in the backyard for outdoor seating.

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    Forbidden Relics Bar Allen, Texas, United States

    "Somewhere deep on a Tropical Island in North Texas lies a Forbidden Paradise where Legends of Fact and Fiction merge. Those lucky enough to find it come seeking Adventure, others the Perfect Drink, but BEWARE the inhabitants. Some claim to have seen a MAN that walks like a FISH, others a Voodoo Witch. Those that do make it out have written stories worthy of Hollywood Lore..."

    The Forbidden Relics Bar by John Goins is located in Allen, Texas.

    John was a Rumpus Room regular and member of the Los Angeles Tiki Scene for several years before moving with his family to Allen.

    In the Forbidden Relics Bar, John has a wide space to showcase his collections and interests which combine tiki with adventure, nautical, pirate, and horror themes for fantastic effect!

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    LoveCraft_Cocktails presents Pooch's Tiki Bar Alexandria, Virginia, United States

    We have tiki parties twice a year and have been doing Quarentiki FaceBook live thru the pandemic. Built in bar in our den. The den is a sometimes Board Game room and sometimes Tiki Bar. Rum collection somewhere around 90

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    PaPa Nui Charleston, South Carolina, United States

    Our home bar which was built by the loving hands of friends and family consist of one wing of a Polynesian themed guest house. It contains our collection of artifacts and art from the South Pacific as well as vintage and more modern tiki mugs. Many of the pieces are from PNG and harken back to my grandfather's service there during WWII. When the purple ship's light is on, the bar is open to all.

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    The Breezeway Costa Mesa, California, United States

    This is the home bar of "Spike" Matt Marble from the band, The Hula Girls.

    Spike films a youtube videocast Cocktail Hour from the Breezeway every Friday night.

    Located in Costa Mesa, CA.

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    The Lothario Lounge Los Angeles, California, United States

    This is the home bar of David Eck and Mimi Freedman.

    Version 1.0 of The Lothario Lounge was established by David in South Pasadena (circa 2010 - April 2016).

    The Lothario Lounge moved and expanded in 2016 when David and Mimi combined households and moved to their current location in Los Angeles, CA.

    David originally envisioned the Lothario Lounge as a Mid-Century modern bachelor pad. In fact, some of his self-carved tikis had women's lingerie hanging off them at the old South Pasadena location. Mimi has since tidied up the lounge and added some of her own vintage decor, but out of fondness for the old days, they've retained the old Lothario name.

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    El Caribe - at The Knoll House Pasadena, California, United States

    Nestled on a tranquil private cul-de-sac just steps from the prestigious Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa, lies a unique estate property with two amazing turnkey structures. One is an exquisite 12,300sf residence designed by two of America’s top architects, Myron Hunt (Huntington Library, Langham Huntington Hotel, Rose Bowl Stadium, Hollywood Bowl) and Gordon Kaufmann (Caltech Athenaeum, Los Angeles Times Building, Hollywood Palladium), and the other structure is a unique and exceptional 20,500sf entertainment gallery designed by noted architects Kelsey and Ladd (Norton Simon Museum).

    Set on 2.5 acres of gated park-like grounds. It is most definitely a trophy house and a trophy museum sited on trophy grounds in a trophy location.

    The adjoining entertainment gallery, built in 1973, boasts a 50-seat movie theater, an authentic Tiki bar, game arcade, card room, gym, lounges, conference rooms, screening atrium, five bathrooms, plus a guest apartment with fireplace and catering kitchen; and is a lavish extension of the exceptional personal residence. A private underground passage, served by commercial elevators, connects the two buildings.

    The Tiki bar was designed by Bamboo Ben and features two bartender stations, speed racks, under-counter refrigerators, beer taps, ice-maker, freezer, and a back-bar of rough hewn wood shelving. Twin tiki poles hold up the thatching over the bar. A lava rock waterfall in corner and mood lighting from the soft glow of a massive shell lamp overhead also set the mood.

    Not the least, this bar has its own house tiki mug, created by Tiki Farm.