The Hoodoo Hut

Los Angeles, California, United States

You enter the room through two wood-screened folding partitions that swing outward.

I have a wet bar and all my alcohol in the front room, so this is less of a functioning bar space than a lounge area to drink, hang out in, and where I can display all my tiki collectibles.

The first incarnation of this home bar started up in Portland, Oregon in 2011-2015 in a rental apartment that I had painted the walls and ceiling in a gingerbread brown. Now we are back down in Los Angeles and renting this house and I've opted not to go all out with dark paint or wall coverings.

I have several swag lights. The puffer fish light I made back in my old Rumpus Room Days and the eyes are taxidermist glass eyes meant for a cougar! The other lights are vintage lucite spaghetti that I picked up here and there.

The rattan bar and stools I found up in Oregon.

The orientalia style rattan hutch was found at the Pasadena City College flea market back in 2007 and I refurbished it up in Oregon and found an appropriately sized lower hutch to set it on.

Between the hutch and the fireplace is a 5-foot-tall carved Moai KavaKava Man that I picked up in Portland. I remember buying him for a great deal at a women's clothing shop my wife was checking out. I carried him three city blocks back to the car while passers-by cheered me on. That was a great day! Now he is my official mascot in the Hoodoo Room.

Thanks for checking out my space!

Trader Tom
Los Angeles, California, United States

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31 May 2020
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28 Jul 2020
Trader Tom
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