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    Kymm! Bang
    The Inferno Room

    From the Inferno Room:

    "Introducing our new Mai Tai glass just in time for our 2nd Anniversary. Now for sale! Awesome Artwork created by @kymmbang."

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    Kymm! Bang
    Munktiki, Squid

    From The Search For Tiki:

    "Introducing the Tiki Bobcat mug! This frisky feline spotted a hollowed out tree trunk too small for its body, so of course it had to crawl inside. If only the cat’s butt wasn’t too big to fit! Tiki Bobcat was designed by Kymm Bang, hand sculpted by Dave “Squid” Cohen, and manufactured by Munktiki Imports exclusively for The Search for Tiki. It is the second mug in the 'Cats vs Tiki Icons' series.

    For a limited time only, every Tiki Bobcat preorder will come with a reusable glass cocktail straw from Surfside Sips. Enjoy the mug while protecting the earth and reducing the use of single use plastics!

    Color: Brown, tan, black, and white, with a green eye

    Material: Ceramic

    Shape: Animal/Tiki

    Dimensions: Approximately 4½ inches wide x 8½ inches tall


    Capacity Size: 16 fl. oz.

    Unique Markings: 'Kymm Bang' and 'The Search for Tiki' are written on the bottom of this mug.

    Typically Served With: The Bad Kitty Cocktail"