Hannya Demon - Type 4 - Green with Gold Horns - by Shima Ceramics #5

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Chris Shima
Shima Ceramics
Shima Ceramics

From Shima Ceramics:

"This Hannya Demon mug will be the first of several mugs based on Japanese demons. With all the amazing folklore and intense imagery, tapping into my Japanese heritage for inspiration was a no-brainer. Traditional masks of Japanese Noh theater inspire this first series of demon mugs.

Hannya masks portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy, similar to the Buddhist concept of hungry ghost.

Only a few of these mugs will be made: 50 total of all colors, plus a handful of Artist’s Proofs.

The gold ones are made with gold luster (real gold).

Each mug holds 16 oz. Dimensions are H 7.5”, W 6.75”, D 5.25”.

Colors represented in these pictures may vary slightly from the mug you receive; variation in glaze application results in unpredictable differences. The horns for example shift from a beige base to brown tips; your horns may be darker or lighter. Hand painted details like the hair varies from mug to mug.

The original for this mug, like all Shima Ceramics mugs, was sculpted by hand. Every step from sculpting to mold making, casting to glazing, start to finish is done in house by myself and sometimes my assistants."

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23 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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