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    HIP Original Nude Hula Princess in Black Lava - Large

    This 10" hula figure was produced in 1973 by HIP (Hawaiian Island Products). There was also a smaller 6" version made in black lava. Additionally, there have been later non-HIP reproductions made in different colors. Originals were made with the HIP sticker on the back. See photo. The sticker reads: "The Hula Princess: While journeying to his Summer Court, King Liholiho stopped at the Sacred Springs to bathe, when out of the waters rose a maiden clad only in the beauty of her nakedness. It was love at first sight! Thus began the Legend of the Nude Princess."

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    1962 Coco Joe's Legends In Lava Hawaiian Princess

    1962, Hawaiian Coco Joe's Legends In Lava Hawaiian Princess measures 6.75 inches high. The "Legends In Lava" line from the early 60s are some of the rarer pieces.

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    Coco Joe's Madame Pele

    This is an early 8" tall statue of Pele by Coco Joe's and stamped on bottom with one of the rarer stamps showing the sun and volcano.