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    Tiki Al Coco Joe Style Tiki Pendant

    This pendant is modeled after just the head of a vintage Coco Joe's standing figure.

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    Tiki Al CoCo Joe's Ku Mickey For Tiki Day At The Park 2

    This pendant was designed by Tiki Al for the 2013 Tiki Day At The Park 2. It was modeled after a vintage Coco Joe's key chain Ku with the addition of Mickey Mouse ears. I restrung the necklace with my own beads.

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    CoCo Joes Hapawood Tiki Keychain Pendant - God Of Wisdom

    This is one of several CoCo Joe's tiki keychains that were released both in black (lava) and brown (Hapawood/Half-Wood). Each had a metal keychain attached and a small green or orange paper tag that told what they were (i.e., God of Wisdom). They also had colored rhinestone eyes (usually red, green, or blue). This particular pendant had its keychain removed and was strung on a cord. Additionally, since it was missing one of its rhinestone eyes, I popped out the second one and replaced them with composite white opals. The camera flash doesn't do the eyes justice (in real life there are many shades of pink and blue). Probably early 1970s.

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    Tiki Al Coco Joe's Lono Letter Opener Style Pendant - Green

    This pendant is modeled after a lava black CoCo Joe's Letter Opener handle. It is patina'd in green and I strung the necklace myself with synthetic bear claws and assorted beads.

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    1962 Coco Joe's Legends In Lava Hawaiian Princess

    1962, Hawaiian Coco Joe's Legends In Lava Hawaiian Princess measures 6.75 inches high. The "Legends In Lava" line from the early 60s are some of the rarer pieces.

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    Coco Joe's Madame Pele

    This is an early 8" tall statue of Pele by Coco Joe's and stamped on bottom with one of the rarer stamps showing the sun and volcano.