BigToe Scurvy Knave Cocktail Glass


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Big Toe

This is a typical 15oz Mai-Tai/Double rocks glass with a gold leaf design depicting a pirate, parrot, pirate ship, and the words "Scurvy Knave"

Per Mfr: You'll keep the scurvy at bay by serving up citrusy beverages at your Tiki or Pirate party in these beautiful custom CLEAR "Scurvy Knave" 15oz. Mai Tai (double old fashion) glasses. Designed by artist BigToe, and incorporating real Gold Leaf! Artwork features a tipsy skeleton pirate, a party pirate parrot, and a pirate ship on the rocks! Proudly made in the USA!

Each glass comes with a complimentary cocktail recipe card, and each pair of glasses comes with a custom BigToe swizzle.

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20 May 2022
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20 May 2022
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