Smiling Tiki With Hands - by Noya Ceramic Design

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Göksu Aydınhan
Noya Ceramic Design

This mug by Noya Ceramic Design is crouching with his hands in front of him and one hand on his knee touching his teeth and the other hand on his forehead.

The sculpt is highly influenced by Squid's 2002 "Stumpy" mug which was used for the 2002 Hukilau. However, the hand-painted detailing is very detailed, whereas "Stumpy" was produced in solid color-ways.

This "Smiling Tiki With Hands" is hand painted with underglaze paint. After it was painted, the piece underwent a three day firing process that allowed it to become food, microwave, and oven safe.

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27 Oct 2021
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27 Oct 2021
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