Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug

a.k.a. Tiki-Ti House Mug

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This is the brown and black version.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Yellow interior glaze.

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Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug a.k.a. Tiki-Ti House Mug - in 71 collections

Tiki Farm

This is the house mug for the Tiki-Ti shaped like a cylindrical mug but resembling the building itself. It is a little replica of the place...the original front door...and Ray, peeking out of a window covered in Tapa cloth and giving a "shaka" sign. Primarily brown, but includes tan, yellow, and black as well. Red interior. Released in limited edition on Friday, January 6th, 2017. The "Ray's Mistake" cocktail originated in 1968 and is named after Ray Buhen. It is a super secret formula known to contain Passion Fruit and Coruba Rum, among various other exotic flavors.

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