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This is a full lineup of tiki powerhouses. Designed by Shag, sculpted by Squid, manufactured by Bauer Pottery for Lost Temple Traders.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Came from casting manufacturer Bauer Pottery, Los Angeles as an Artist's Proof, so no spear and no box. Those came with actual buyers down the production line.


Collector Gallery

Tiki Mug Design

Temple Guardian - Third Edition - Turquoise - by SHAG & Bauer Pottery - for Lost Temple Traders

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From Lost Temple Traders:

"Tomb Raiders beware! If you seek to unlock the secrets of the Lost Temple, you must first pass The Temple Guardian. Many have tried. None have ever lived to tell the tale!

This third edition mug is limited to 250 units.

Each mug is produced by Tiki Bauer and includes a custom spear (also designed by SHAG) by Grider Adventure Art."

This was preceded by a Basalt Gray First Edition and a Greenish Gray Second Edition. This Third Edition in Turquoise with Black wipe is the final edition.