Ololupe Limited Edition Manta Mist Blue


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Squid, Moku Huna
Moku Huna
Moku Huna

Ololupe was designed by Squid for Moku Huna, based on the Hawaiian sorcerer god who takes the form of a stingray. This is the Limited Edition in Manta Mist Blue. There is also a Standard Edition in a darker Lagoon Blue.

The mythology of Ololupe: "He is represented in the form of a kite (lupe) shaped like a sting ray. Some say his is an errand of benevolence and not of crime, and that he is sent into the heavens to ensnare the souls of those alone who have done evil...consigning them to death, while the souls of those who were not guilty...he conducted to a place of safety.”

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30 May 2022
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30 May 2022
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