Taboo Planet Tiki Mug - Koa Wood Edition


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Mug Design:

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Jeremy Harger
Patrick Vassar, Tickled Tiki
Tiki Maniacs

This mug is a tikified re-imagining of the famous poster from the film, Forbidden Planet (1956) where Robby the Robot is carrying Anne Francis. In this case, the more tikified robot is carrying a hula girl.

From the Tiki Maniacs website:

"This tiki mug mash-up was inspired by one of our favorite mid-century sci-fi movies. The mug was sculpted by Patrick Vassar and produced in the USA by Tickled Tiki. This edition features a brown matte finish with a charcoal wipe glaze. These mugs are hand made so no two will be alike.

This is a limited edition of 150 mugs and each will be hand numbered."

This edition was preceded by the first edition in a pearlescent metallic glaze and with full color hula girl. 10 Artist Proofs in varying colors were also produced.

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30 May 2022
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30 May 2022
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