Alien Queen Mug - Xeno Bone Variant - Light Beige - by MONDO


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Mug Design:

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Michael Bonanno
Tiki Farm, Tufan Sezer

Aliens is an American science fiction action horror film franchise written and directed by James Cameron.

From their website:

"Ceramic mug inspired by both Tiki culture and the James Cameron classic, the Alien Queen tiki mug is hand made and holds 22 ounces. In addition to her, this mug also comes with 1 Facehugger swizzle stick and 1 Chestburster swizzle stick. In space, no one can hear you scream...but they can watch you drink! This glaze is Xeno Bone variant, which features a black wiped glaze over bone-like ceramic! Edition of 200!"

Though similar to the previous Aliens mugs by Mondo, this Queen mug has a smoother face and instead of one set of large-fingered hands in front has multiple arms with smaller hands hanging down. Released in several glaze colors, including Robin Shell Blue, Brown, Bone, Black & Silver, Green, and Blue.

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6 Dec 2021
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6 Dec 2021
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