Captain Tiki Mug - Open Edition - Gray - by Squid - for Bauer Pottery


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This mug is shaped like a Papua New Guinea Abelam Mask figure wearing an airline Captain's uniform and hat with pilot's wings. He is seated in a plane's cockpit captain's seat and holding a steering wheel.

The Captain Mug was sold as a set with a second Tourist Mug shaped like a Marquesan tiki wearing a flat straw hat, a flower lei around his neck, holding a camera to his chest, and with two travel suitcases at his sides.

These two mugs were both glazed in gray for the open edition. They came in a custom printed box with pilot's ID, baggage claim tag, a Bauer International pilots wings pin, auto decal, vintage matchbook, and surprise island snapshots.

The open edition was preceded by a limited edition with the same mugs glazed in gloss brown.

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11 Mar 2021
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11 Mar 2021
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