Crazy Al APE Mug - Maraca Edition - Coconut Brown


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Crazy Al
Bone Productions
Crazy Al

A full standing ape wearing a straw hat and standing on a coconut while singing and shaking a pair of maracas. Celebrates 20 years of the band, APE. Modeled after an earlier keychain of the same design (with ukulele, not maracas). Preceded by several different glaze editions of a similar sculpt of the ape playing a ukulele.

This maraca version was limited to 50 pieces with 10 pieces in an antiqued darker coconut brown. Additionally, there were 50 of this design in One-Of-A-Kind glaze combinations with a full-color extended palette of colors ($400 each) and 50 in special edition glaze colors such as blue, red, and green ($250 each).

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18 Jul 2021
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18 Jul 2021
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