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Marco Island Marriott Resort Bar, Hotel/Motel & Restaurant – Marco Island, Florida, United States

Originally a 50-room hotel when it was built to greet the modern-era’s first visitors in 1965, island developers Elliott, Robert and Frank Mackle Jr. would go on to expand the property to 100 rooms in 1967.

By 1971 the brothers and their company, the Deltona Corp., spent a then-staggering sum of $18 million to further improve their beachfront showplace. A new 10-story tower — the first of two — 400 beautifully appointed rooms, much-needed convention space, and Quinn’s restaurant on the beach ushered in a new era for the Mackles and their fledgling island paradise.

Once opened, the hotel became the largest on Florida’s entire west coast. More than 400 employees were hired. Each and every guest enjoyed a Gulf view.

Marriott purchased the property in 1979 and soon built a second tower.

The work was not yet completed, however.

Beginning in 2016, Marriott began a 3-year and $320 million transformation project, to bring us what we currently see today (as of 2021) -- a completely modern and no expenses spared adults only resort.

This gulfside resort may not be Polynesian themed (despite the name of the new "Lanai" tower), but they do have a Kane Tiki Bar & Grill which serves cocktails in tiki mugs.

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