The Polynesian Room at the Waldorf Hotel

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The Polynesian Room at the Waldorf Hotel Bar – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Polynesian Room (now called The Tiki Bar) is located in the Waldorf Hotel.

The hotel was established in 1947 and is one of the most renowned tiki-themed hotels in North America.

For much of the '90s and '00s, it was available only as a rental hall for private events. The Waldorf came under new ownership in late 2010, and the new owners have re-emphasized the Polynesian Pop angle. The Polynesian Room was renovated and restored, and a new era-appropriate analog sound system was installed. It reopened to the public in early November 2010.

It is made up of three rooms, the Polynesian Room (now the Tiki Bar), Tahitian Room (now the Tabu Room), and Menehune Room (now the Hideaway). The Polynesian Room has a large collection of black velvet paintings by Edgar Leeteg, collected by one of the original owners of the hotel, Bob Mills. One of these, The Tahitian Drummer, was used on much of their early advertising, especially on their swizzle sticks.

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