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    The Modernist - Celadon Green - from the Sven Kirsten Kollection - by Tiki Farm a.k.a. The Modernist Tiki Farm Edition

    This is, as the name suggests, a mug based on a very modernist version of a tiki. This tiki once stood outside the Trader Vic's in San Francisco. It has simple tear-drop shaped eyes, a long rectangular nose and a small closed mouth.

    This design, like others in partnership from Sven and Tiki Farm, was released in three different glaze colors. The first in a light beige/brown was released December 2nd at Trader Vic's in Emeryville for the first book signing ($125) hosted/produced by Eve Bergeron and Trader Vic's. The second in a light celadon green glaze was released by Tiki Farm through their website December 17th ($75). The third was released in a light yellowish beige/green glaze to be sold by Sven, himself.

    From Tiki Farm:

    "'The Modernist' - Where Modern Art and Polynesian Pop meet!

    Don’t miss the Tiki Farm edition online launch of the first Trader Vic’s, Tiki Farm & Sven Kirsten collaboration!

    Purchases of ‘The Modernist’ Mug by Tiki Farm come with a 48-page hardbound book written by Sven Kirsten in collaboration with Eve Bergeron. The Tiki Farm edition of the mug and book is limited to a total production of 450 sets.

    Learn all about the design that is the missing link between the 1920s European avant-garde movement and mid-century modernism. Fill the mug! Hold the mug! Read the book!"

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    Mug of Medusa - First Edition - Gray with Black Wash - by Alex Woody - for Strong Water Anaheim

    This mug is shaped like the head of Medusa from Greek mythology, with the head of a beautiful woman crowned by snakes instead of hair. Glazed and textured in a gray stone finish. Marked on reverse for Strong Water in Anaheim, CA. Designed by Alex Woody and manufactured by Tiki Farm.

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    Zombie King - First Edition - Beige with Brown Wipe - by Doug Horne - for Strong Water Anaheim

    This is a mug shaped like a skull with no lower jaw and an octopus inside -- tentacles streaming from the mouth cavity and one lazy eye staring from the right eye socket.

    Crustaceans cover the rest of the skull, marked "Strong Water Anaheim" on reverse.

    These sold out online on 03/15/2021 and the Doug Horne scheduled signing was 3/18/21 from 5-8 PM.

    This first edition in beige with a brown wipe was followed by a second edition in red/orange.

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    Kraken's Toast - by Brian Kesinger - for Tikiland Trading

    The Kraken’s Toast was designed by Brian Kesinger, sculpted by Thor (Tom Thordarson), and produced by TikiLand Trading Co.. This is mug was first announced as part of World Octopus Day. Optional Crow's Nest Mast Swizzle.

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    Cannibal of Doom - by Tiki tOny - for TikiLand Trading Co.

    This mug is a hybrid design of the golden Chachapoya Fertility Idol featured in the 1981 film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and cannibal/tiki imagery.

    Designed by Tiki tOny and sculpted by THOR. Produced by TikiLand Trading Co.

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    Shore Leave Coconut Mug

    This is a coconut-shaped mug marked for Shore Leave restaurant in Boston, MA. It has the restaurant name in a circular "cutout" on the front and is decorated on the back with pink flowers and a green palm, from the restaurant logo. Overall the mug is brown and has a natural colored top and interior to simulate a machete chopped top. It serves Shore Leave's signature drink, including passion and lime, silver and Jamaican rums, Madeira wine, molasses, and aromatic bitters.

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    The Howling Warrior Monkey of Angkor Wat - by THOR - for UnderTow

    This is a mug shaped like a Cambodian howler monkey with a tail that serves as a sipping straw.

    From UnderTow:

    "Inspired by ancient civilization war whistles, this Warrior Monkey represents the ghost stories that sailors would tell while traveling around Cambodia.

    Available for retail purchase beginning Monday 12/9/2019 at $125+tax.

    Limit 1 per guest. Mug Monday promotions do not apply. No holds or 'pre'-order available. No shipping available, on premise purchase only."

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    The Captain's Companion - Limited Edition - Brown - by Doug Horne & Eekum Bookum for Undertow a.k.a. Undertow Dodo Bird Mug

    This mug is shaped like a dodo bird standing over a rum crate, rum bottles, and a glass float. This Doug Horne concept and design was based on an earlier painting he did for the bar, "The Captain & His Companion". Released July 16th, 2020.

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    UnderTow Panther Skull Mug

    A mug shaped like a panther skull.

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    UnderTow Shrunken Head Captain Mallory Mug

    A mug shaped like the shrunken head of Captain Mallory. Green wipe glaze. Came with a matching paper coaster and swizzle stick. Released 04/12/2019 at UnderTow.

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    Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug a.k.a. Tiki-Ti House Mug

    This is the house mug for the Tiki-Ti shaped like a cylindrical mug but resembling the building itself. It is a little replica of the place...the original front door...and Ray, peeking out of a window covered in Tapa cloth and giving a "shaka" sign. Primarily brown, but includes tan, yellow, and black as well. Red interior. Released in limited edition on Friday, January 6th, 2017. The "Ray's Mistake" cocktail originated in 1968 and is named after Ray Buhen. It is a super secret formula known to contain Passion Fruit and Coruba Rum, among various other exotic flavors.

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    Undertow Coconut Mug a.k.a. Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug For Undertow

    This is a coconut shaped mug marked for Undertow in Phoenix, AZ. Glazed in a matte iron oxide reactive brown glaze. Released in October, 2018. This Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug was also used by Tiki Farm for other locations, including Clifton's Pacific Seas and The Grass Skirt in Pacific Beach/San Diego, CA.

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    Slots-O-Fun - by Tiki Farm - for High Roller Tiki Lounge

    From High Roller Tiki Lounge:

    "Our custom Slot Machine Tiki mug produced by Tiki Farm. The glaze is matte and teal in color with 'High Roller Tiki Lounge Solvang, CA' imprinted on the back. The mug holds approx. 20 ounces of liquid."

    High Roller worked with Holden and Tank Standing Buffalo at Tiki Farm on this design.

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    The Islands Phoenix Bucket Mug

    This is a typical bucket mug in unglazed beige with deep brown interior and rim glaze, and three tiki faces. This one is marked "The Islands" "Phoenix, Arizona" near the base in black.

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    Mr. Bali Hai Concave OMC Mug a.k.a. Vintage Mr. Bali Hai

    Thuglas's description:

    Missing top