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    Creature from the Crab Rangoon - Extra Spicy Edition

    This mug from the Black Lagoon Room depicts a Red tentacled creature poking out of the top of a common Chinese Food takeout carton. The mug has a lid designed to garnish with chopsticks. The first edition of this mug was available in a "Spicy" (Orange) or "Mild" (Green) color option. It was announced the second edition would be available in an "Extra Spicy" (Red) and "Leftovers" (Blue)

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    Death & Co. Ratender Mug - Limited Edition - Gray

    This is a mug shaped like a rat dressed in a suit jacket, bow tie, and top hat. He has a severe overbite with long top front teeth and x-ed out eyes like he is dead. In his hands is a shaker tin of cocktails for some lucky customer!

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    Jaguar Warrior Mug - Open Edition - by Jacob Medina a.k.a. El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR

    This is a mug shaped like a skull being eaten by a man being eaten by a jaguar.

    From Jacob Medina's website:

    "Continuing their artistic study into Meso-American culture & mythology, artist Jacob Arthur Medina & Brad 'Tiki-Shark' Parker bring to you El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR – TIKI MUG.

    The popularity of 'KAAN TOOK'…….the story, the drawing, the painting, the art and then the Tiki Mug, has inspired the two local artists to bring you the 2nd in their Tiki / Mayan / Meso – American themed collaboration.

    The first – 'KAAN TOOK' – a character coming to life from the stories told to Jacob Medina since he was a little Tiki-Fan.

    The second – El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR – a character from the Snake King’s personal guard – The fabled 'Jaguar Warrior'."

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    Mele Hoa Tiki Mug - Satin Green with Gunmetal Gray Wash - by Rainforest Tiki

    From the Tiki Farm website:

    "An absolutely wonderful, very playful mug sculpted & designed by Daniel Scarcello aka Rainforesttiki. This is our second design by Daniel and personally, though I dig them both, this one is my favorite. “Mele Hoa” features two stylized Tiki-inspired characters with the fellow up top holding a Tiki mask over his face. Perched on top of the lower fellow totem-style, there are dashes of symbology to be found on the mug, though I have no idea what it means… I just love it! Ultimately perched upon an outcropping of foliage and a pedestaled lava, skull-flanked base – it’s super fun and super creative! Glazed in a beautiful, all-new satin green with a gunmetal grey wash, the detailing is very strong and the mug’s detailing shows through so nicely in this glaze combination."

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    Shameful Tiki Room Signature Mug - Fourth Edition - Bone White Variant

    This is a mug featuring several Tiki face masks on top of a mound of skulls with jungle vines growing amongst them. Glazed in "Bone White". Measures: 7" tall by 4" wide at bottom and 1.5" opening at top. Designed by Rod Moore and Tank.

    This is the fourth differently designed mug used as the "house mug" at The Shameful Tiki Room (not including glaze variants).

    This "Bone White" version was released for 2020.

    There is also a previous variant in black and one in gloss brown.

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    Suffering Bastard Mo'ai KavaKava - First Edition - Gray by Eekum Bookum for Suffering Bastard

    This is the skeletal head of a traditional Mo'ai KavaKava, glazed in a slate gray, with white irises, branded on reverse for the Suffering Bastard Bar in Sanford, Florida. The bar opened April 5th, 2019. It is semi-hidden inside of Tuffy's Bottle Shop, but you can find Suffering Bastard on your way to the outdoor garden.

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    Hibiscus Purse Flask - by Taboo Relics

    From Taboo Relics website:

    "Get ready for car show season 2021! The hibiscus purse was designed around the idea of a vintage woven palm purse. The perfect finishing touch to an outfit. I wanted this flask to be the perfect accessory as well as a functional statement piece. The face features three hibiscus flowers in your choice of red, pink, or orange. The rear face is sculpted with a palm frond weave and bow. The sides also bare the palm weave. The faux bamboo handle is also ceramic, and is attached via lashing. Limited to 25 pieces total. 12 oz capacity. 6" across, 2" front to back, 5" tall (6" w/handle up)."

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    Raised By Wolves Mug by Tiki Tony for Raised by Wolves Bar a.k.a. Raised By Wolves Mug

    This limited edition ceramic mug was designed for Raised by Wolves by Tiki Tony, and depicts a dapper wolf in a tuxedo holding two tiki mugs.

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    Bruce The Shark Mug Poster Variant by MONDO

    This mug is modeled after "Bruce", the great white shark in the film Jaws, which debuted in 1975 and was directed by Steven Spielberg. This "Poster Variant" in blue and gray modeled after the original poster is one of a few variants, including a "Standard Variant" in white and gray with red details (un-numbered open edition), "Chum Variant" in wipe-away red glaze (limited to 400) and an "Amity Variant" in wipe-away blue glaze (limited to 360). There is also a "ComicCon 2019 Variant" in sandstone brown with dark brown wipe glaze (limited to 200). Each mug also includes a translucent red swizzle stick "swimmer" that helps re-create the classic 1975 film poster with the swimmer directly above the shark's mouth.

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    Rummy Mummy

    This mug features a mummy on the front with long claw-like fingers, sharp teeth, and an exposed spine and scarab beetles on the back with the Biggs logo. This design was used as a successful Kickstarter project with "Moldy Green" glaze and "Black & White" glazes available. However, other versions have been sold before and after in differing glazes. Additionally, some of the Kickstarter packages ($150 and up) offered a matching mini shot mug of this design.

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    Shit Faced Dog Mug

    This dog mug was manufactured by Munktiki Imports. He has several swirls of "soft serve" atop his lidded head which is "dripping" downwards as he holds a Tiki Bob mug. There are Xs over each eye, proving just how drunk he truly is. “Shit Faced” is written on the back of the mug.

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    Tattiki's Octopus Green

    This is a mug shaped like an octopus entangled around a shell. It comes with a red, blue, green, purple, or gold glazed octopus. This is the first piece issued by the designer, Tattiki.

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    Tupapa'u Marquesan Trophy Skull

    A mug shaped like a skull with tusks on sides and piercing eyes. Tupapa’u is inspired by the trophy skulls of both ancestors and enemies of ancient warriors of the Marquesas Islands, predominantly from the island of Nuku Hiva. The warriors would often lash the skulls onto their rope belts and adorn them with elements such as tusks and tapa cloth. Matte wipe brown glaze on exterior to pick out details of sculpt.

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    E.P. & L.P. Skull Mug

    A mug shaped like a skeleton with a heavy-browed skull, wearing a jacket open in front to show its ribs, and with skull-shaped earphones over its ears. E.P. & L.P. is a bar and restaurant complex with expansive rooftop views at the intersection of Melrose and La Cienega. The L.P. portion is on top and the E.P. section is one floor down with a supper club set-up. Opened in 2015 by Australian restauranteurs David Combes and Grant Smillie with DJ Axwell as an investor. Serves primarily southeast Asian fare and although not a tiki bar, does serve craft cocktails.

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    KAPU I'A a.k.a. Frankie's Tiki Room Kapu I'a

    This is a standing Tiki with huge squarish clenched teeth, wearing a fish hook necklace, and with a hole in his clenched left hand to hold a purple trident that comes with the mug. The trident reads "Frankie's Las Vegas" in gold and there is a fish speared on the middle prong of the trident. Mug is glazed in light ivory/beige with a light purple wipe effect and gloss finish.

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    Mouth of the Serpent First Edition - Turquoise / Brown - by MONDO

    This 24 oz. mug depicts Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered serpent, opening his mouth to reveal the skull of Mictlantehcuhtli, the Aztec god of the dead. According to artist, Urban Aztec (Jesse Hernandez), "This design symbolizes a common theme among the Aztec, the duality of life and death, one cannot exist without the other." This is the regular first edition open issue variant with a brown under turquoise glaze dual finish, and there is also Emperor's Blood Edition variant (deep crimson red, yellow, and black) limited to 490 pieces, an Emperor's Gold variant limited to 375 mugs, and a Bone variant limited to 515 pieces.

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    Cutwater Spirits Day Of The Dead Skull Mug a.k.a. Cutwater Spirits Sugar Skull Mug

    This is a Day of the Dead style skull mug with flowers and other decorations, marked for Cutwater Spirits.

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    Never Forget To Get Drunk Elephant Mug

    This pink elephant mug was manufactured by Munktiki. He is wearing a fez and his trunk is pointed up in the air as he holds a Moai mug. “Never Forget to Get Drunk” is written on the back of the mug.

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    Thar She Blows Rabbit Mug

    This rabbit mug was manufactured by Munktiki Imports. She has a flaming skull mug with straw in her front hands. “Thar She Blows” is written on the back of the mug.