Bar Glass - Pink by Tony Canepa for Hidden Harbor


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Tony Canepa

This is a double old fashioned or mai-tai glass featuring renditions of the Hidden Harbor backbar and carvings of Crazy Al with artwork by Tony Canepa. Front of glass shows the backbar overseen by a large tiki mask, another side features Crazy Al's signature tiki, and the third side features a mermaid ship's masthead. Floats and other decorations add to the scenes. Came in a pink/turquoise/white version or an orange/turquoise/white version. Hidden Harbor opened in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh in January 2016. The bar is owned by Peter and Matt Kurzweg, who own the brewery next door, and their partner, tikiphile Adam Henry.

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12 Mar 2022
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12 Mar 2022
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