Forbidden Island 15th Anniversary Mug - Red Dress Glaze - by Tiki Shark - for Forbidden Island

Mug Design:

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Tiki Shark

This mug features a brown standing tiki carrying a woman in a dress. The mug was designed by Tiki Shark (Brad Parker) and manufactured by Munktiki Imports. It comes in two glaze variations, including one where the woman is wearing a red dress and one where she is wearing a black dress. The back features a skull with a "15", bones, and tropical leaves.

The mug was based on one of Tiki Shark's most admired paintings, "Forbidden Island" which in turn was based on the classic 1956 science fiction film, "Forbidden Planet". The tiki is meant to resemble the 1956 film poster's Robbie the Robot and the hula girl resembles the unconscious woman he is holding.

*NOTE: These mugs were cast in two pieces (the main tiki as one piece and the arms of the tiki and the woman as a second piece) and then glued together after having been cast and fired. In some cases the glue did not hold, in which case Forbidden Island offered to replace the mugs, but in most cases all that was required was re-gluing the two pieces back together with a stronger glue such as Liquid Nails.

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