Frankie's Tiki Room

Visit: 10 Oct 2022

Two in a night to finish off the planned part of October tiki road trip with visits to both Golden Tiki and Frankie’s. I started at Golden Tiki and had a small dinner and few drinks before hitting Frankie’s. It’s only a $15 Uber over to Frankie’s and I love the outside of this place. Small, iconic in a ‘Tiki-Ti’ way. The only downside to Frankie’s is that it allows smoking. And it is very noticeable when nearly everywhere I go nowadays is non-smoking (it is actually illegal to smoke in enclosed public spaces, like a bar, in Australia). I really liked the decor in here, some tikis and even one holding Aces so you knew you’re in Vegas. This place has a fantastic selection of souvenir mugs - I am going to say probably this is one of my top picks for mug souvenirs from the bars I’ve visited on this trip, Three Dots would be the other, although sadly I only have room for one more - started too heavily at Trader Sam’s and Strong Water, the two each from those places made me buy an extra bag!). I started with a Tiki Bandit cause that’s the mug I wanted and got the special where the mug is only $25 extra with a drink. I found out afterwards you could buy any mug with any drink (you don’t need to match the cocktail to the drink) and not sure I loved it as a drink. Their menu is extensive and I liked a lot on the second page. It’s tough to pick a favourite bar in Vegas. I liked Frankie’s a lot but the smoking was a real turn off. I’d probably recommend it earlier in the day with less of a crowd (to reduce the smoke).

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Frankie's Tiki Room Bar – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Frankie's Tiki Room opened December 4th, 2008.

It is open 24 hours a day, every day. The basis is a traditional Polynesian Pop environment, with beautiful tapa cloth and intricate carvings, with an unusual overlay of crass nods to Las Vegas hedonism.

Interior decor by Bamboo Ben. They also feature both house cocktails and traditional tiki cocktails. Unique signature tiki mugs made by Tiki Farm for purchase.

They do allow smoking inside premises, so non-smokers beware.

Frankie's published a cocktail book, Liquid Vacation, in 2013, if you want to make their cocktails at home.

In December 2022, Ken Ruzic, Big Toe (Tom Laura), and Doug Horne painted a mural around the curved front entrance, helping to celebrate Frankie's 14th Anniversary Celebration.

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