Dirty Dick

Visit: 11 Jan 2023

I again snuck out from my family vacation for some tiki nightcaps. This time I was off to Pigalle in the 9th arrondissement. Thankfully Uber was able to safely take me there and back. This place is probably Paris’ premiere tiki bar. It’s coming up on its 10th anniversaire in February which is an achievement for any venue. I grabbed a seat at the bar and proceeded to work my way through a Mai Tai, a Missionary’s Downfall and a Painkiller. All fantastic and the garnish game on the Mai Tai and the Painkiller was tres bien! All the bar staff were super friendly. The only disappointment was that they were sold out of mugs but I did score a t-shirt for €25 so I didn’t walk out empty handed. Would love to be able to visit this place again as it had a super cool vibe, and I do need a mug!

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Dirty Dick Bar – Paris, France

Dirty Dick is a tiki bar, opened in February 2013 in a former brothel. Barman Scott Schuder is an American expat, originally from southern California. The menu is a mix of tiki classics and their own creations. Menu graphics by Bai.

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