Caliente Tropics Roof Mug - Blue - by Eekum Bookum - for The Reef

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Purchased May 30, 2022


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Eekum Bookum

This mug is based on the historic Caliente Tropics Resort A-Frame with day and night time reliefs on the upper portion above the roofline.

Viewed from the front, you see a parked car with luggage under the A-frame entrance. The reverse shows a woman walking her dog under the A-frame. The sides are labeled with all three mug color-ways having "Tropics Hotel Palm Springs" on one side and the other side featuring the more specific locations.

It was produced in three different color-ways for the three different specific locations housed within the grounds -- a Reef bar version in blue, a Sancho’s restaurant version in yellowish/orange, and a Le Fern bar version in lime green.

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23 Nov 2022
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23 Nov 2022
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