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Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiano Bar & Restaurant – Madrid, Spain

In Santa Ana Square, the unassuming front doors of Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiiano lead to exotic decor that stretches across three floors of the venue.

The front bar has a large bird cage on one end with several live birds. Bartenders are happy to prepare drinks in the ornate porcelain tiki vessels found in Spain.

The successive grotto-like floors below are mostly taken up by small intimate booths, some sporting fish aquariums. It is common for couples to come here and share a tiki bowl -- perhaps a dry ice smoking volcano as pictured in their logo.

To be warned, some tiki purists used to traditional Don The Beachcomber or Trader Vic's recipes may not find the cocktails to their liking, but as with many tiki bars in Spain, the focus is less on craft cocktails than the ambience, and this bar is a true classic time capsule that is not to be missed.

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