Captain Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Brown - by Squid - for Bauer Pottery #56

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This mug is shaped like a Papua New Guinea Abelam Mask figure wearing an airline Captain's uniform and hat with pilot's wings. He is seated in a plane's cockpit captain's seat and holding a steering wheel.

The Captain Mug was sold as a set with a second Tourist Mug shaped like a Marquesan tiki wearing a flat straw hat, a flower lei around his neck, holding a camera to his chest, and with two travel suitcases at his sides.

These two mugs were both glazed in gloss brown for this limited edition of 75 pieces. They came in a custom printed box with pilot's ID, baggage claim tag, a Bauer International pilots wings pin, auto decal, vintage matchbook, and surprise island snapshots.

The limited edition was followed by an open edition with the same mugs glazed in gloss gray.

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15 Feb 2021
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15 Feb 2021
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