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As soon as we walked into the doors, it was clear that this place was special. The projection mapping is Disneyland quality, with the showstopping stars across the ceiling like the best door you can go through on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. We didn't have a reservation, and even though we were almost the only ones there, we couldn't sit in one of the cute little huts. That's okay, though. We sat at the bar and the bartender was really sweet and friendly. The drinks were well done, and they had one of the nicest swizzle sticks I've ever gotten. From the bar we had a great view of the projection show, with battling pirate ships and an octopus attack. I'd 100% visit again, probably with a reservation so that we could comfortably stay longer.

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Zombie Village - San Francisco Bar – San Francisco, California, United States

From their website:

"The team that brought us Pagan Idol was inspired to create another tiki bar - one that would pay honor and homage to the late, great Skipper Kent and his dream of a place where his guests would enjoy wonderful drinks and receive extraordinary island hospitality. In 2019, The Zombie Village opened in San Francisco's Tenderloin District shocking those who couldn't believe that the Bay Area would come to have another tiki bar, and delighting everyone who has walked through its doors.

The bar's design not only includes tiki elements reminiscent of the South Pacific, but it also celebrates the spirit of the Caribbean, a region synonymous with fine rums and hospitable, fun-lovin people. A team of renowned tiki artists was assembled in order to create a real, authentic tropical paradise. Ivan Mora, Bamboo Ben Bassham, Crazy Al Evans, Woody Miller, Bosko Hrnjak, and Mikel "MP" Parton all contributed custom works for the bar. The beverage program, designed by Doc Parks, boasts an array of exotic flavors and unique spirit blends. It takes inspiration from Skipper Kent's Zombie Village cocktail menu and includes drink names originated by the Skipper himself."

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