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Went with Vince and his then-girlfriend while we were living in Tucson. It was part of our crawl on 4th Street. I loved the Moai and played some fun table hockey, but I don't think they had any good cocktails really. It was just beer mostly. I still really liked it and always wanted to go again, but never made it before we moved back.

Tiki Bar

The Hut - Tucson

Tucson, Arizona, United States

The Hut has been open since 2001, but in 2009 they embraced tiki in a big way when they saved a landmark 3-story moai from destruction. Stairs inside the moai lead to a railed observation platform on top of the moai's head. The 40,000 pound structure came from Magic Carpet Golf, and moving it to the courtyard at The Hut was no small feat. The moai now looks out across Tucson once more.

The Hut is a music venue with both indoor and outdoor stages.

They are more of a beer bar, and their limited list of cocktails are more like what you would find in a college bar with punches served in fish bowls and drinks with names like "The Pineapple Express" or "The Grateful Dead".