Last Rites

Visit: 4 Feb 2023

We thought we were done after all the bars we went to on Friday, but we kept hearing about Last Rites, so we decided to make it our "last" stop of the tiki crawl. Not a great neighborhood at night, but such a good space! Extreme Indiana Jones decor, with pops of orchids and hanging skulls from the ceiling. Everything seemed very thoughtful and intentional, and it felt different while still being markedly tiki. We only had one drink, but it was the best drink I had on the trip. We could have stayed in our little skull corner all night, with the thunderstorms rolling through. It will remain one of my top recommendations for the Bay Area.

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Last Rites Bar – San Francisco, California, United States

Last Rites is a "Polynesian Noir" bar that opened in San Francisco's Duboce Triangle/Castro area in June 2018. The bar goes deep on story: the setting is the fuselage of a crashed plane deep in a jungle, with drinks served in "scavenged" bottles cut into glasses. Beyond the plane are vine-encrusted stone ruins, decorated with huge stylized skulls. The team behind Last Rites, owners Justin Lew and Ian Scalzo, have been active in the San Francisco craft cocktail scene for many years, and they have enlisted bar & restaurant designer James Lagoc and fabricator Brian Sullivan to shape the space. Drinks are a departure from classic tiki, while retaining the experimental use of flavors.

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