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Tiki Bar

Kanaloa - London

London, United Kingdom (Closed)

Kanaloa was a tiki-themed restaurant, bar & nightclub, owned by the same folks behind Mahiki, along with Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding. It opened in London's Blackfriars neighborhood in 2009. Much effort went into creating a welcome space for women at Kanaloa: going beyond free entry and discounts for women, house rules discouraged men from treating women like prey. The main bar had lots of sleek bamboo and shell lamps. The ceiling in one room was densely encrusted with many different colors of glass floats. An elevated "treetop" room had some artificial palms. The club had a large and varied rum menu.

This was the original location in what became a chain across the UK, with locations in Glasgow (closed), Croydon (closed), Cardiff (closed), Newcastle (closed), Portsmouth (closed), and Leeds (closed).

This original location closed its doors in January 2020. The space is currently home to a new bar/nightclub named Be At One.